Scholarships, Awards, and Loans

CCC administers a number of scholarships, awards, and loan funds provided by the CCC Development Foundation Inc., Alumni Association, and Academic Divisions, as well as community members and organizations. They vary in amount and are based on a variety of factors including high school record, academic record at CCC, academic program and need. Application requirements and deadlines vary.

Scholarships and Awards:

These funds are intended for costs associated with attending CCC. They are presented to students currently enrolled at CCC at the annual Scholarship Ceremony in the fall.


Emergency funds are established to provide students with loans for books and other educational needs. Because of the personal nature of loans, the names of recipients are not publicly announced. For current information about specific scholarships, awards and loans administered by CCC, visit

Keystone Scholarship:

The Keystone Residential Scholarship provides full time Pennsylvania residents who live on campus with the ability to earn an associate‚Äôs degree from SUNY Corning Community College at the same tuition as New York State residents.  Pennsylvania students in their final semester or enrolled in a program (such as nursing) that requires less than 12 credit hours per semester to complete a degree may request the Scholarship by filing an exception form that will be reviewed by a committee.