Residency Requirement

Students who are New York State residents qualify for the New York resident tuition rate. To qualify for the resident tuition rate, a student is required by law to present, once each academic or calendar year, a residency certificate indicating that he or she has been a legal resident of the State of New York for one year, and of a New York county for at least six months prior to attending CCC. If a student lived in more than one New York county for the six months prior to attendance at CCC, the student must apply for a residency certificate from each New York country in which he or she lived.

A Certificate of Residency issued by the student’s home country entitles the student to pay the resident tuition rate to attend the College and not the higher, non-resident tuition rate. A Certificate of Residency obtained from a student’s home county is the only proof of residence that qualifies a student for in-state tuition.

A student may also be eligible for resident tuition regardless of their permanent domicile if, within the last five years, he or she received a GED from New York State OR graduated from a New York State high school which he or she attended for at least two years. Please note that a Certificate of Residence issued by the home county will still be required as explained above.

If a student moves to NY State for the sole purpose of attending college, the student does not qualify for the resident tuition rate.

A student may apply for a Certificate of Residency no earlier than sixty (60) days before registering for the upcoming semester, and no more than thirty (30) days after the start of the semester. Counties are permitted by law to refuse applications after the 30th day of the semester. Many counties adhere to this deadline with NO EXCEPTIONS.

Note: As each county may handle residency applications differently, it is important that the student check the county’s requirements for applying for a Certificate of Residency. It is the student’s obligation to ensure that they are familiar with and have complied with their county’s requirements for a Certificate of Residency. There are printed instructions on the back of the standard residency application for New York counties provided by the College. These instructions were valid at the time of printing. However, counties may change their requirements periodically. Students are strongly encouraged to check their county’s websites for the most up-to-date instructions for a Certificate of Residency.

Students may obtain a standard residency application at, the Enrollment Advisement Center, or the Student Accounts Office. 

The application must be completed by the student and submitted to the student's resident county no more than 30 calendar days into the semester. Detailed instructions for each county can be found at The County Treasurer will then issue a residency certificate to the College on behalf of the student.

Note: Tuition bills will include non-resident charges for students who have not submitted a valid Certificate of Residency to the Student Accounts Office. Students will be liable for the non-resident charges if they fail to obtain and submit a Certificate of Residency by the thirtieth day after the start of classes.