Repeat Courses

A student may repeat a course for a letter grade. For any repeated course the original grade together with the repeat grade will be recorded on the student’s transcripts, but only the most recent grade (exclusive of a W or R), even if it is lower than the original grade, will be used to compute the GPA. If the student repeats the course due to an expired shelf life, the new grade will be used in the calculation of the student’s PGPA.

Students should note: because the most recent grade is used, if they repeat a course and earn a lower grade, their GPA will go down. Likewise, if they fail the course or earn a grade that does not fulfill the requirement, they risk having to take the course once again.

The TAP award will count repeat courses toward full-time attendance if a student earns a D or higher in a course with shelf life or a course required to continue in a program. However, if a student repeats a course in which he/she earns a D or higher and the course does not have a shelf life or the shelf life has not expired, the student must have 12 or more hours of other courses to be considered a full-time student for TAP.

For questions about repeat courses, contact the Enrollment Advisement Center.