In order for a student to receive credit in a course, the student must be properly registered for that course. Enrollment in a course is not official until proper registration materials have been filed with the Enrollment Advisement Center. Also see Add a Course, Auditing a Course, Dropping a Course, and other related policies.

Blocks to registration: Further registration in courses may not be permitted until outstanding requirements are met. Examples of reasons for students’ registrations being blocked are satisfying the College’s academic, developmental, health and financial requirements.

It is a general College practice that when credit has been received for a course which requires a prerequisite, credit may not later be received for the prerequisite course or its equivalent, unless previously approved by the appropriate Associate Dean of Instruction.

Online Registration: Online registration is available through MyCorning. Most continuing students in good academic standing will be permitted to register online during open registration periods. Students who meet with an academic advisor will be permitted to register prior to open registration. First-time, full-time students, students with pending developmental requirements and students who are not in good academic standing are strongly encouraged to consult with an advisor before registering for courses. Student-initiated online registration will be blocked for courses requiring instructor consent and courses for which prerequisites have not been met.