Program Completion Requirement (150% Rule) for Federal Financial Aid Eligibility

For federal aid eligibility, students must complete their program of study within a time-frame not greater than 150% of the published hours required for graduation. Attempted hours are used to evaluate the 150% point. Hours for all graded courses (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D, F, and I, N, P, W, R, S, U, X and graded remedial courses) count as “hours attempted.” Transfer courses applicable to the student’s program of study also count in hours attempted. For example, if the program requires 62 hours for completion, once the student has attempted 93 hours, including transfer hours applicable to the program, they are no longer eligible for federal aid at CCC. Once the student has graduated from one program of study at CCC, federal aid eligibility may be reinstated for pursuit of a subsequent program of study, provided they meet all other requirements for federal aid eligibility (academic progress, etc.)

Total hours and specific course requirements required for graduation are published in the College Catalog which can be found on the College’s website or MyCorning.

Students who change programs, fail to pay careful attention to program requirements or have continued academic difficulty are more likely to lose federal aid eligibility by failing to complete graduation requirements within the required time-frame.

Students may appeal for one additional semester if they are able to complete graduation requirements. Students who were required to complete developmental courses are strongly encouraged to appeal. However, approval of appeal is not automatic and will be based on the student’s overall academic record.