Pass/No Grade-No Credit Option

Students who have been named to the President’s List or Dean’s List may enroll the next semester in any one free elective course under the pass/no grade option. This course will not affect the GPA, and it will be noted as pass/no grade on the transcript. When choosing this option, students must notify the Enrollment Advisement Center within two weeks of the beginning of the course in a 15-week semester (or equivalent). If, by the end of the 13th week (or equivalent), the student wishes to receive a standard grade, they may do so by notifying the Enrollment Advisement Center. Students can continue to use this option as long as they remain on the President’s List or Dean’s List. This option will be used for free electives only; however, if a student subsequently changes programs, courses with the P grade, already taken, can fulfill the new program’s requirement.