Nursing Courses (General Information)

  1. Prerequisite for all Nursing courses: Acceptance into Nursing Program, successful completion of any developmental work required as a result of CCC assessment test; Eligible for MATH 1150 or higher; Biology and Chemistry in high school with a 75% or higher or a college course with a C or higher.
  2. Annual Requirements for all Nursing courses: Professional level CPR certification through an American Heart Association course only; Evidence of current health insurance; Updated health form specific for nursing students must be maintained throughout the program. Obtain a current criminal background check with a company designated by the Nurse Education Department and a Pennsylvania child abuse screening. All program requirements and prerequisites can be found in the “Academic Programs” section of College Catalog.
  3. Ongoing Program Requirement: A grade of C+ (77%) or higher is required in all program requirements to continue in the program; satisfactory and safe performance in the skills lab is required to pass all Nursing courses.