Multiple Programs of Study for Federal Aid Eligibility

Students who have completed/graduated from one program of study and are readmitted to another program of study will be evaluated based on the courses that apply to their current program in terms of total hours attempted, total hours passed and cumulative grade point average. They will be allowed to receive federal aid for an additional period of time based on 150% of the additional credit hours required for the new program study.

Students attempting to complete a third program of study may be denied further federal aid if the new program is not “substantially” different from the other programs that the student has already completed. If the program is deemed to be ‘substantially” different, students will be given one academic year to earn their degree and receive federal financial aid. All coursework taken during this one academic year must count towards their new degree. If after the one academic year the student fails to earn the third degree, they will no longer be eligible for federal financial aid at Corning.


Students who withdraw totally from the institution, either officially or unofficially, will not meet academic progress and will be placed on financial aid warning or probation.

Non-credit Remedial Courses

Students who are required to take non-credit remedial courses have up to three full-time semesters to complete these requirements as per College policy. Remedial course hours will count toward hours attempted. As they will be counted toward the 150% time frame (see Program Completion Requirements Rule), a student may appeal for an extension of eligibility for federal aid for one semester to complete graduation requirements. Approval of an appeal is not automatic and will be based on the student’s overall academic record.