Multiple Programs

Students may be permitted to earn more than one degree by completing the requirements for each program. You can initiate that action by completing a program change form or meeting with the Associate Dean responsible for the new program. It is recommended that students consult with financial aid before pursuing multiple programs.

The requirements for earning multiple programs are:

  • Approval of the appropriate Associate Dean of Instruction.
  • All of the requirements for each program must be met.
  • At least 15 additional credit hours must be earned for each additional program, at least nine of which have been earned in residence at CCC. The 15 additional credits cannot apply to both programs.

Example: A student has already earned a Mathematics & Science AS degree (62 credits). He or she now wishes to also earn an AS degree in Engineering Science. To do so, he or she must earn the 66 credits required for the Engineering Science program, at least 15 of which must apply only to the Engineering Science program. So, this would entail the student earning a minimum of 77 credits for both programs (62 + 15).