How Eligibility is Determined

You must be officially accepted by the CCC Admissions Office in a degree program. Eligibility for all federal and state aid is awarded for enrollment in courses that are degree/program requirements. Students should review their “degree evaluation” on MyCorning to make certain that the courses they have registered for are degree/program requirements of their current primary program of study. Students must also meet the College federal and state satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Please note there are strict limitations on awarding federal aid retro-actively after the student has ceased attendance so completion of the FAFSA and all other federal aid requirements prior to the beginning of the academic year is strongly suggested.

Students must be enrolled in 6 credits or more to be eligible for the Federal Direct Student Loans.

Federal campus-based aid and Federal Direct Loans are awarded on the basis of the student’s financial need (Cost of Education minus Student Aid Index equals Financial Need). A student’s financial need is also adjusted for the receipt of private scholarships or grants, and it is the student’s responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office if they are receiving assistance of this type. Also, benefits received from outside programs such as the Trade Adjustment Act, Workforce Investment Act, ACCES-VR (VESID), etc. will be used in determining a student’s financial need. Federal PLUS (parent loans) are available to assist families to bridge the gap between cost of education and student financial aid eligibility. High school students who are enrolled at the College while completing requirements for their high school diploma are not eligible for any federal aid.