Grades, as follow, will be issued at the end of each semester

Grade Points  
Achievement in Subject Comprehensive knowledge, understanding, marked perception, originality
Moderately broad knowledge, understanding, noticeable perception, originality
Reasonable knowledge, understanding, some perception, originality
D 1.0 Minimum knowledge, understanding, limited perception, originality
F 0.0 Unacceptable knowledge, understanding, failing work

The following grades and notations are not used to determine GPA:

H Honors work. Appears next to course.
I Incomplete. May be assigned at the discretion of the instructor in special circumstances in which course requirements have not been completed by a student who has clearly demonstrated potential for successfully completing the course. A written statement of requirements for completing the course must be given to the student and the faculty member’s Associate Dean. Credit hours and grade points are not assigned for an I grade. When the requirements have been completed, the faculty member will submit a grade change from the I to another letter grade. Course requirements for the I grades must be completed within one calendar year; however, the instructor has the prerogative of establishing an earlier deadline. If students do not complete the work within one academic year, the incomplete will be changed to an F grade.
N No grade/no credit.
P Passing work at a C level or higher.
R Official withdrawal from College.
S Satisfactory. For courses not counted for degree credit
T Audit.
U Unsatisfactory. Courses not counted for degree credit.
W Official withdrawal from course.

Grade Point Average (GPA):

Each graduating student must earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average. To determine a grade point average (GPA), divide the total number of grade points earned by the number of credit hours taken. For example:

ENGL 1020 • 3 cr. hr. • B (3.0 pts) = 9.0
HIST 1110 • 3 cr. hr. • C+ (2.3 pts) = 6.9
MATH 1310 • 4 cr. hr. • A (4.0 pts) =16.0
BIOL 1020 • 3 cr. hr. • A- (3.7 pts) =11.1
WELL 1001 • 1 cr. hr. • B+ (3.3 pts) =3.3
14 cr. hr. total=46.3 total pts.

Dividing 46.3 points by 14 credits equals 3.31 GPA

For each credit hour, points are assigned based on the grade received. This average is calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the number of credit hours taken. For repeated courses, the most recent grade is used in the calculation. For students granted Fresh Start status, only grades earned upon return to CCC will be calculated in the GPA. Developmental courses are not calculated in the GPA.

Program Grade Point Average (PGPA):

Each graduating student must earn a minimum 2.0 program grade point average. The PGPA will be determined by calculating the grade point average of the courses used to fulfill the program requirements as outlined in the College catalog and based on only those courses used to meet program and degree requirements, including program electives and free electives. Transfer credits are not calculated in the PGPA. NOTE: Students in the Nursing Program must have a minimum 2.15 PGPA to graduate.

Grading Practices:

Grades are due 72 hours after the last date of term. If you have questions about your grade or wish to pursue a grade dispute, make an appointment with the instructor so that you can discuss the reason for your grade. Only the faculty member(s) who awarded the grade can authorize a change, with approval of the Division’s Associate Dean of Instruction. You are entitled to know the basis upon which you are graded.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of the grading problem after talking with your instructor, you have the right to discuss the matter with the division’s associate dean. If you are still not satisfied with the resolution of the grading problem, the final appeal rests with the VP of Academic Affairs.

Time Limit for Grade Change:

A student has the right to challenge a final grade given by a  faculty member within one year of the awarding of the grade.  If a faculty member is unavailable, you can discuss this matter with the appropriate Associate Dean. After the one-year time limit has passed, all grade changes must be requested by submitting an academic appeal to the Educational Standards and Policies Committee (see Academic Appeals for process information).