General Education Requirement (SUNY)

SUNY requires students intending to receive a baccalaureate degree from a SUNY college or university to fulfill specific general education requirements. At least 30 credits must be earned in courses approved in the following ten areas: mathematics, natural science, social science, American history, western civilization, other world civilizations, humanities, arts, foreign languages, and basic communication.

CCC students in Associate in Arts or Associate in Science programs, except the Engineering Science program which is waived from the requirement, will be able to complete seven of ten SUNY General Education Requirement academic areas (including mathematics and basic communication), two competency areas, and 30 credits of SUNY General Education courses in all transfer programs. Once certified as meeting these general education requirements at CCC, students will not be required to complete them again upon transfer to any baccalaureate granting SUNY institution. Courses which have been approved as meeting the general education criteria are identified in their course description. On the following page is a chart indicating approved CCC courses and the approved SUNY general education category it fulfills.

Mathematics (M)
MATH1120, MATH1130, MATH1140, MATH1150, MATH1215, MATH1225, MATH1230, MATH1240, MATH1310, MATH1411, MATH1412, MATH1413, MATH1510, MATH1610, MATH1620, MATH2330, MATH2410, MATH2560, MATH2610, MATH2620
Natural Sciences
ASTR1010, ASTR1020, BIOL1010, BIOL1020, BIOL1030, BIOL1040, BIOL1050, BIOL1060
BIOL 1500, BIOL1510, BIOL1520, BIOL2010, CHEM1010, CHEM1020, CHEM1030, CHEM1510, CHEM1520, CHEM2010, ERTH1010, GEOL1510, GEOL1530, PHYS1730, PHYS1740, PHYS1820, PHYS2830, PHYS2840, SCIN1110
Social Sciences
ANTH2000, ANTH2120*, ECON2001, GEOG1210, HIST1050, PSYC1101, PSYC2201, PSYC2207, PSYC2208, PSYC2212, PSYC2214, PSYC2215, PSYC2221, SOCI1010, SOCI2000, SOCI2030, SOCI2060, SOCI2310
American History
HIST1110, HIST1120, HIST2320
Western Civilization
ARTS1310*, ARTS1320*, GOVT1010, HIST1010, HIST1020, HUMA1010*, HUMA1020*, MUSC1230*, MUSC1240*, THEA1010
Other World
ANTH2120*, ARTS1500*, HIST2110, HIST2120, HIST2180, HIST2410
Humanities (H)
ARTS1310*, ARTS1320*, ENGL1020, ENGL1520, ENGL2010, ENGL2020, ENGL2040, ENGL2090, ENGL2160, ENGL2170, ENGL2180, ENGL2190, ENGL2220, ENGL2310, ENGL2320, ENGL2330, ENGL2410, ENGL2420, ENGL2711, ENGL2712, ENGL2770, HUMA1010, HUMA1020, HUMA2010, HUMA2030, HUMA2070, HUMA2200, MCOM2700, MCOM2710, MUSC1010*, MUSC1110*, MUSC1120*, MUSC1230*, MUSC1240*, PHIL1010, PHIL1050, PHIL1100, PHIL1230, PHIL1300, PHIL2010, PHIL2050, PHIL2070, PHIL2200, PHIL2250, PHIL2310, PHIL2320, PHIL2360, PHIL2420, PHIL2500, THEA2501
The Arts (A)
ARTS1000, ARTS1030, ARTS1210, ARTS1310*, ARTS1320*, ARTS1400, ARTS1410, ARTS1420, ARTS1440, ARTS1450, ARTS1500*, ARTS1670, ARTS2110, ENGL2480, ENGL2490, MCOM1210, MCOM1220, MUSC1010*, MUSC1110*, MUSC1120*, MUSC1311, MUSC1321, MUSC1411, MUSC1412, MUSC1421, MUSC1920-90 MUSC2820, MUSC2870, MUSC2920, THEA1010*, THEA1100, THEA1020, THEA1040, THEA1100, THEA1110, THEA2020, THEA2101, THEA2110, THEA2220, THEA2240
Foreign Language
ARAB1010, ARAB1020, ARAB2010, CHIN1010, CHIN1020, CHIN2010, CHIN2020, FREN1010, FREN1020, FREN2010, FREN2070, FREN2080, FREN2130, FREN2140, FREN2310, GERM1010, GERM1020, GERM2010, GREK1010, GREK1020, HEBR1010, ITAL1010, LATN1010, LATN1020, RUSS1010, RUSS1020, RUSS2010, SIGN1010, SPAN1020, SPAN2010, SPAN2070, SPAN2080, SPAN2130, SPAN2140, SPAN2310
Basic Communication (BC)
ENGL1010, ENGL1510