Fresh Start

Fresh Start provides an opportunity for students who left the College after experiencing academic difficulties to continue their studies with their GPAset to 0.0. Students are eligible for Fresh Start if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Their cumulative GPA was below 2.0 when they left the College.
  2. One calendar year has elapsed since their last attendance at CCC.
  3. They have achieved a cumulative 2.5 GPA in the first 12 credits earned (excluding developmental and wellness activity courses) upon returning to CCC. If more than 12 credits are earned, then all earned credits (excluding developmental and well-ness activity courses) up to and including that semester will be used to calculate GPA.
  4. They have completed all developmental coursework and have no outstanding incompletes.

The Fresh Start Form can be found in MyCorning; Student Resources; Academic Resources column; Advising & Registration; Registrar Resources; Fresh Start Application. The form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Students may apply for Fresh Start only once. It cannot be applied to a previous degree. If granted Fresh Start, there may still be implications for financial aid, veteran’s benefits, and transferability. Once granted, Fresh Start may not be rescinded. All course work will remain on the transcript with the notation, “Fresh Start Granted.” No prior course work grades will be used in the calculation of the student’s GPA. Students will receive credit for the courses in which they achieved a C or better so that these credits can be used in program evaluations. Any prior course work in which students have earned a D grade cannot be used to meet degree requirements. Credits for courses in which a C or better has been achieved in work prior to the Fresh Start cannot be used to fulfill residency requirements. Once Fresh Start is granted the GPA will be calculated with grades received only since the student’s return to the College. For questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at