Emergency Leave of Absence Policy

Students experiencing unavoidable situations beyond their control or legitimate emergency issues will be able to request a review by the Caring Community Network’s emergency review committee. If approved, students shall not be penalized for class absences; this will not exceed 20% of the course. When giving a final grade, students will not be penalized for the approved emergency absence. All other work needs to be completed as per the instructor's grading policy. All work must be completed by the end of the current semester. If it is not possible to complete all work due to the end of the semester or end date of the course, then the instructor may either calculate the grade the student has earned to that point or may assign an incomplete per the incomplete policy. This applies to all credit-bearing courses with the exclusion of ACE courses and CPEP program.

Students are responsible for filling out the Excused Emergency Absence Form to have the emergency review committee convene, have documentation of their emergency, and then verify the absence to the relevant faculty for the courses in which they are enrolled. The emergency review committee is the Assistant Dean of Student Services and up to two supporting people. Students must file an appeal within fourteen calendar days of the start of the emergency. Notification verifying the absence will be sent to members of the faculty by the Assistant Dean of Student Services upon review. If there is a concern, the faculty member may talk with the emergency review committee or Assistant Dean of Student Services.

If a student wants to appeal the application of this policy, they must follow the standard Academic Policy Appeal process outlined in the student handbook.