Dropping a Course


The College realizes that students sometimes need to drop courses after classes begin. Students who have begun attendance in a course may drop the course without the instructor’s signature. To drop a class the student submits an online drop form through MyCCC.

Before dropping any course it is strongly recommended that the students:

  1. Discuss the decision with their instructor, advisor, and/or coach.
  2. Check with the Enrollment Advisement Center to determine any effects on financial aid, billing, academic progress, and/or  developmental progress.
  3. The date the Enrollment Advisement Center is notified of the drop will be the official drop date.


A course can be dropped until 60% of the length of the course. For clarification of exact deadline dates, see the course instructor or a representative of EAC. All student drops submitted after the official drop date must have the approval of Provost. After 60% of the length of a course has passed, students still have the option of officially with- drawing from the College (see Withdrawal from College).

Academic Record:

A course dropped in the first 20% of the length of the course will not appear on the student’s academic transcript. Courses dropped between 20% and 60% of the length of the course will appear on the student’s academic transcript with a W indicating “withdrawal.” After 60% of course has passed a course may not be dropped and a final grade will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

Drops by Instructor:

Faculty members may drop students from their courses for non-attendance. Refer to the course syllabus and instructor.