Developmental Progress Policy

Developmental Placements

All CCC college-level courses require proficiency in reading, writing, mathematical, verbal or other skills. To help students enroll in courses best suited to their skills, assessments are used to determine appropriate courses. When learning needs are identified, students are required to take developmental courses. Developmental courses are credit-equivalent courses, meaning that they count towards the student’s load hours for full-time status and financial aid, but they do not meet program requirements and are not calculated in the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Developmental Progress Policy

Based on placement, students may be required to take ENGL 0980, or the ENGL 0999/1010 support combination and take MATH 0860,   0960, 0970, or 0980 before taking a credit class. If students are placed into ENGL 0980 Reasoning, Reading, and Writing for Academic Studies, they will receive instruction in both reading and writing strategies; the grade is either fail or pass. Students earning the minimum pass in ENGL 0980 are required to take ENGL 0999/1010 co-requisite. Students with consistent high-quality classwork will be reviewed for ENGL 1010 alone.

If a learning need is identified in mathematics, students must register in MATH 0860 (Basic Math Review), MATH 0960 (Pre-Algebra), MATH 0970, or MATH 0980, as determined by the placement    process. Students placed into these courses must complete MATH 0860 or MATH 0960 with a grade of B- or higher and MATH 0970 or 0980 with a grade of C or higher.

Upon successful completion of developmental courses, the student will be prepared to take college-level math, MATH 1110 or higher. Even if a program does not require a credit-bearing mathematics course, students must demonstrate entry-level college mathematics skills through assessment or by passing MATH 0860, 0960, 0970, or 0980 before they graduate.

All full- and part-time students placed in one or more developmental classes will also be placed in FYEX 1000 (First Year Experience, 3 credit hours).

Students (new and continuing) placed in any developmental courses will be limited to no more than a 16 hour load until they have successfully passed these developmental courses. Credit and equivalent credit count toward the 16 hour limit.

Students who are placed in any developmental courses based on an assessed need should enroll in the appropriate course(s), including FYEX 1000, in their first semester. Students who do not successfully complete their developmental course(s) and FYEX 1000 in their first semester must re-register for them in their second semester.

A list of students who are expected to complete  developmental courses and FYEX 1000 in three full-time (or equivalent) semesters will be reviewed to determine if dismissal is warranted. Those students who are dismissed (developmental dismissal) can register for further study at CCC only under the following conditions: (1) one year has elapsed since dismissal and (2) they meet the current institutional placement practices. Developmental dismissal may be challenged by a student by submitting an appeal to the Educational Standards and Policies Committee. For further information regarding this policy, contact the Enrollment Advisement Center.