College Administration

Regional Board of Trustees

SUNY Corning Community College receives its authority from the State University of New York (SUNY) and is governed by fourteen trustees. Seven trustees are appointed by its supporting counties – Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben. Six are appointed by the Governor of New York State, and one is elected by the students. All trustees are residents of the College region and serve seven-year terms, except the student trustee who serves a one-year term. Their terms of service vary in length, and they can be reappointed for extended terms.

Michael J. Wayne '80, Chair
Judy McKinney Cherry, Vice Chair
Heather Reynolds, Treasurer
Ronald E. Allison '68
Nancy M. Wightman
Dr. Polly W. Chu
Nykole L. Parks '95
Alan S. Winston
Kintu Early
Margaret Lawrence '87
Sally Jacoby-Murphy
Wyatt Stoner, Student Trustee

Office of the President

Dr. William P. Mullaney, President
Nogaye Ka-Tandia, Executive Office Manager

Academic Affairs

Dr. Barbara Canfield, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs
Brenda Guild, Executive Assistant
Deborah Beall, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Bradley Cole, Associate Dean, STEAM
Kathleen Craig, Coordinator for Accessibility Services
Keith Ward, Interim Director, Library
Dr. Kris MacDonald, Director, Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence
Jennifer Sellers, Director of Innovative Learning Sites

Enrollment Operations and Student Services 

Maarit Clay, Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management
TBA, Director, Enrollment Operations
TBA, Assistant Director, Recruitment and Admission
Paul Andrews, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Loretta Hendrickson, Registrar
Stacy Johnson, Assistant Dean, Student Services
Daisia Farley, Director, Student Life
Isaac Bushey, Director, Athletics


Susan Chandler, Executive Director, Finance and CFO
Tanya Jones, Executive Assistant
Lisa Patrick, Director, Finance and Controller
Shalena Clary, Director, Financial Aid
Bernadette Wesolowski, Bursar

Auxiliary Campus Services

David Burdick, Executive Director, Auxiliary Campus Services and Title IX Coordinator
Tanya Jones, Executive Assistant
Denise Burbey, Chief Information Officer
Calvin Williams, Director, Physical Plant
Michael Friebis, Assistant Director, Public Safety

Workforce Education and Academic Pathways

Jeanne Eschbach, Executive Director, Workforce Education and Academic Pathways
Katie Crowe, Executive Assistant
Tyre Bush, Senior Director, Workforce Education and Academic Pathways

Human Resources

TBA, Executive Director, Human Resources
Laura Ewell, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Development Foundation

John Marchese, Executive Director
Mitchell Smith, Director of Development
Kristen Morse, Executive Assistant
Kesha Davis, Assistant Director, Advancement Support Services

Development Foundation Board of Directors

The Development Foundation’s Board Members work with businesses and philanthropists in our community to maintain a strong financial presence for the College.

Jill M. Koski, President
Frederick J. Arcuri, Vice President
Arthur D. Boehm, Treasurer
Kamala A. Keeley, Secretary
Ronald E. Allison ‘68
Dawn H. Burlew
Douglas L. Cotton
James C. Johnson
Felissa B. Koernig
Mary M. Vosburgh
Jennifer M. Warner '04
Michael J. Wayne '80, Ex-Officio Member
Dr. William P. Mullaney, Ex-Officio Member