Children on Campus

As a post-secondary institution, CCC strives to create a safe and appropriate adult learning environment. The campus grounds and operations are designed to provide an environment conducive to academic and occupational activities performed by students and employees. For reasons that include safety of children, and assuring professional efficient performance of academic pursuits, operations, and services, the College cannot routinely accommodate unsupervised children in campus workplaces, classrooms, or other locations.


CCC encourages safe, supervised campus visits by children for the purposes of making decisions about their academic future; attending educational, cultural, or sporting events and camps; and authorized use of facilities such as the Spencer Crest Nature Center and Planetarium. This Policy does not preclude brief campus visits when the minor child is accompanied by another responsible adult. These procedures apply to students, employees, and visitors who may bring children under the age of 18 (unless a registered CCC/High School Learning Center student) to campus for any reason other than activities specifically organized/scheduled by the College for children or activities or facilities open to the public.


While on any CCC property, children must at all times remain fully under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian/caretaker who is responsible for ensuring that no behaviors inconvenience, endanger, or disrupt the work activities of students, employees, or other visitors, as well as ensuring that no behaviors place the children’s safety at risk. Leaving children unattended in public areas such as the library, gym, game room, cafeteria, etc. while the parent/guardian is in class or working does not meet this supervision standard.

Children may not attend class or class activities along with enrolled students except on very rare occasions with the explicit permission of faculty. Children may not be present at the employee's work site during the employee’s assigned work hours except on very rare occasions with the explicit permission of the employee’s supervisor.

Unsupervised children will be brought to the Public Safety Office until the parents can be contacted to resume control of the children. In such cases, the child’s parent/guardian will be immediately contacted and asked either to resume direct supervision of the child or to leave campus with the child.

At no time should ill children be brought to campus. The College Health Office is established to serve students and is unable to provide services to children. If an emergency situation arises and children are brought to campus, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Unless explicit permission from an instructor is granted, children must not be brought to classes or any instructional area while classes are in session. Such permission should be granted sparingly and should take into account the best interest of all students in the class.
  • Unless explicit permission from an employee’s immediate supervisor is granted, children must not be brought to offices or other areas where the day-to-day business of the College is conducted while the employee is working. Such permission should be granted sparingly and should take into account the best interest of all employees of the department.
  • Children must not be brought to risk areas, such as lab or lab preparation areas, food preparation/service areas, gyms and fitness centers, maintenance and garage areas, or in or around college motor vehicles and equipment. Unattended children could hurt themselves on machinery, fall down stairwells, etc.
  • Children must not be left unattended at any place on campus, including the restrooms, game room, gym, library, grounds and parking lots.

The College reserves the right to direct that a child be removed from campus where the presence of the child causes an unacceptable health or safety risk or an unreasonable level of disruption to others. Any questions concerning this policy may be directed to the Director of Human Resources at X9229.