Audit of a Course

Auditing a course means a student is not taking a course for credit, is not required to submit assignments or take tests, and any assignments submitted might not be graded by the instructor. A grade of T will be given to a student auditing a course. A student may audit a course on a space-available basis and with the permission of the instructor, who then submits this approval to the Enrollment Advisement Center. The decision to audit a course must be declared at the time of registration for the course. Enrollment for students auditing a course begins two weeks before the course starts. The last day for adding an audit course will be the same as that for adding any course for credit. The student may retake such a course for credit in a subsequent semester, but may not receive a grade other than T in the semester in which the intent to audit has been declared. Students auditing a course pay a non-refundable fee and any lab or other course fees.  A student enrolled in other for-credit courses or any person aged 55 and older can audit a course without paying the audit fee, though lab or other course fees still apply.  In all cases, since fees incurred with auditing a course are non-refundable, students do not drop or withdraw from an audited course.