Athlete’s Code of Conduct

Corning Community College (CCC) supports the athletic program and its enhancement of student development. All athletes competing for CCC are considered student ambassadors and must represent the highest ideals of sportsmanship, leadership, academic integrity and citizenship. This includes respect for authority including, but not limited to, officials, coaches, teammates, opposing players, instructors, classmates and/or any College employee. This also includes abstention from the use of illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco, and performance enhancing drugs while enrolled as a student athlete at CCC, not only during the season of competition.

  • Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco:
    • Any student athlete who is under the age of 21 shall not drink or possess alcoholic beverages.
    • No student athletes, regardless of age, shall compete, practice or participate in a team function while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.
    • The use of illegal drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited.
    • The use of all tobacco products is prohibited on campus and in any area of any athletic venue or while traveling to and from athletic sponsored events.
  • Sportsmanship/Other:
    • Swearing, taunting, racial, sexist or any derogatory remarks made to teammates, coaches, staff, officials, fans or College employees are not tolerated at any time during practice, games, or athletic travel.
    • CCC student athletes must refrain from any behavior that would reflect poorly on the College, including representation in all forms of social media; any photo or statements that represent violations to the spirit of the intent of this code will be considered violations.
  • Perry Hall and Campus Conduct
    • Disrespect to fellow students, staff, faculty or other College employees is prohibited.
    • All activities as reported in incident reports from Public Safety and Residence Life will be subject to code violations and penalties, REGARDLESS of the sanctions with other groups on campus; these incidents will be investigated upon receipt of the Incident Report and are expected to receive full cooperation and honesty by the accused.
  • Criminal Activity
    • Any student athlete charged with a misdemeanor or felony shall be immediately suspended from their participation pending further investigation by College officials; this includes accusations of Title IX sexual assault/conduct allegations.

Violations of Athletic Code of Conduct

  • Sanctions may include the following: community service, probation, suspension (practice and/or games), removal from team permanently, and are based on the severity and prior behavior/violations; those with multiple disciplinary sanctions (more than 2) will be removed regardless of the severity of the incident.
  • Each team/coach may have more extensive team rules that include zero tolerance; these rules will be provided in writing and reviewed with team members at any time after consultation with the Director of Athletics.
  • A student athlete may challenge sanctions by notifying the Director of Athletics in writing, within 48 hours of sanction decision.