Appeal Process

A student may submit an appeal based on extenuating circumstances out of their control that have negatively impacted their academic performance, such as personal illness or injury, death of a relative or close personal friend, illness or injury of a family member, relative or close personal friend, or other special circumstances.

There are 3 required elements of an appeal:

  1. Complete the Academic and Federal Aid Appeal Form with all appropriate signatures.
  2. Supporting documentation – A student requesting an appeal must submit supporting documentation such as a physician’s written statement to substantiate illness or accident, a copy of a death certificate or newspaper obituary, a written statement from clergy, family member(s), or other third party familiar with the student’s situation, or a written statement from an academic advisor, professor or counselor.
  3. Development of an Academic Plan – As part of the appeal, the student must work with an Enrollment Specialist. The academic plan is designed to enable the student to meet both pace and GPA standards at the conclusion of the plan. An academic plan may entail one to four semesters and includes specific requirements the student must achieve. Although the student is not making satisfactory academic progress, federal aid is reinstated for one semester.

Appeals must be completed and submitted at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. Each appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee. The Financial Aid Office will notify the student by email of the final decision.

Upon approval of an appeal including an academic plan, the student is placed on Financial Aid Probation for the next semester of attendance.