Admission Policy

  1. Preliminary Education Requirements
    Applicants for matriculation must have a diploma from an accredited high school; equivalency diploma (i.e., GED, TASC, or EDP); certification of completion of a four-year high school course as a home schooled student; or an associates or higher degree from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution (AOS degrees are not considered for matriculation purposes but students may receive transfer credit if applicable). Applicants who have attended post-secondary institutions must request an official transcript be sent to Corning Community College. An official transcript from each previously attended institution must be received in order to grant transfer credit. Admission into certain programs may require additional prerequisites. See program descriptions for details.
  2. Correspondence Schools
    As of March 2008, we will only accept correspondence school degrees if the student resided in the correspondence school’s state at the time of schooling and the school is registered with the department of education in that state. Applicants who have completed an out of state correspondence school for their high school requirements may not meet the preliminary education requirement set by the New York State Department of Education.
  3. Assessment / Course Placement
    Many entering students will be assessed for their abilities in reading, writing, and mathematics before registering for classes in order to determine the most appropriate beginning-level courses. Students with disabilities can make arrangements for accommodations by contacting the Accessibility Services Office well in advance of taking the assessments. Entrance examinations such as Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) are not required.
  4. Accelerated Senior Year (ASY)
    Applicants who have substantially met high school graduation requirements at the end of their junior year may be considered for full-time study during their traditional 12th grade academic year only when the Director of Admissions judges the student to be academically prepared and capable of success. Decisions will be based on the following criteria:
    1. An academic background that includes three years of English, social studies, mathematics, and science at the Regents level. Candidates should have an 85 average or higher in these academic disciplines. Other appropriate courses may be included when calculating the academic average.
    2. A written recommendation from the high school principal or counselor which includes (1) a statement endorsing study at CCC, and (2) an outline of courses to be taken at CCC that will satisfy remaining high school graduation requirements.
    3. A written recommendation from parent or guardian.
    4. A written letter from the student addressing his/her academic goals and reason for attending.
    5. Completed Accelerated Senior Year Form.
    6. A meeting with an admissions representative. 
      It is imperative that applicants considering early admission are academically prepared to take college-level courses. High School students who enroll at CCC while completing requirements for their high school diploma are not eligible for any federal financial aid, including student loans. They may apply for New York State TAP awards if they enroll full-time and success-fully complete ability-to-benefit testing.
  5. Home-Schooled Applicants
    We recommend that all home-schooled applicants meet with an admissions representative to discuss the process.
    1. Home-schooled applicants seeking admission to the College must submit certification of an equivalent of a four-year high school course of study. Applicants home-schooled in New York State (who do not have an equivalent diploma) are required to submit a letter from the Superintendent documenting attainment of the substantial equivalent to a high school diploma or CCC’s Superintendent Form for Home Schooled Applicants. This form must completed by the superintendent of the school district in which the student resided. The form must include the superintendent’s signature and school district seal to be valid.
    2. Applicants completing their home-school requirements outside of NYS must provide a letter or other documentation from officials in the school district of their residence certifying the completion of a program of home instruction meeting the requirements of the state of residence for the recognized equivalent of a high school diploma.
    3. Applicants who are under the compulsory age of attendance will be eligible for consideration for admission only if they can provide verification of an equivalent of a four-year high school course of study.
    4. Home-schooled applicants beyond compulsory school age (completion of the school year in which the student turned 16, or older if required by the school district of residence) who cannot obtain certification of completion will not be eligible for financial aid or for matriculation. However, applicants may choose the following alternate paths towards matriculation:
      1. Take courses that satisfy the New York State option for college coursework (see section 8); or
      2. Earn a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma.
        Once one of the above is completed, applicants would be considered for admission. Applicants must notify the Office of Admissions for consideration.
  6. Readmission
    Matriculated students who have withdrawn from the College, have not been in attendance for two semesters exclusive of the summer and winter terms, have graduated from CCC or have been academically separated must apply for readmission to return as students and will be considered for readmission under the current catalog requirements. Transcripts submitted prior to the Fall of 2002 may need to be resubmitted. Please inquire with the Office of Recruitment and Admissions if you have questions as to the need for submission of transcripts.
  7. International Applicants
    International applicants must follow the application process as outlined for full-time matriculated students. In addition, they must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and satisfactory evidence that they have sufficient funding to finance both living and college expenses. Applicants with coursework taken at foreign institutions must provide the Office of Admissions with an official evaluation from an approved educational evaluation service. Contact the Office of Admissions to find out which evaluators are approved. See details of the international admissions process and deadlines on the college’s official web page.

  8. Applicants who do not meet the preliminary education requirements
    Applicants who left high school prior to graduation and have not earned a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) who have received an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) diploma, can be considered for admission to CCC if they meet the following conditions: the applicant’s high school class must have graduated or the applicant must be at least 19 years of age; and the applicant must take the ability-to-benefit tests and meet the College’s standards. The application will then be reviewed and a decision will be made by the Director of Admissions. Applicants who are admitted through this method may apply to New York State for an equivalency diploma after completion of 24 hours of college credit in these subject areas: English – 6 credits, Math – 3 credits, Natural Science – 3 credits, Social Science – 3 credits, Humanities – 3 credits, 6 credits in any other courses within the degree requirements. CCC does not offer a GED/TASC program. For more information on how college courses can be used to earn an equivalency diploma: Students who do not meet the preliminary education requirements are not eligible for any federal financial aid, including student loans.
  9. Taking Courses Without Matriculating
    Please refer to the Visiting Students in the Application Process section of this Catalog.
  10. Health Requirements
    Each student must complete a health questionnaire which is available on the College’s web page, and submit it to the Health Office with an immunization record. Students may be accepted and may register for classes prior to submitting immunization records, however, immunization requirements must be met within 30 days of the start of the student's first semester, or a hold will be placed on the student’s record. All applicants born after January 1, 1957 who are taking 6 or more credits must prove immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. This proof may consist of an immunization record with 2 MMRs, or laboratory results proving immunity. There is also a requirement to provide proof of meningitis vaccination within the previous 5 years, or to submit a signed waiver refusing meningitis vaccination. Information on New York state immunization laws can be found at immunization laws or you may contact the Health Office at 607- 962-9257 or

    Applicants in the Nursing Program or the Athletic Program must request a special health form from the Nursing Education or Athletic Department which requires a complete physical by their Health Care Provider. Persons with physical limitations who need to be excused from physical education activities must have a statement addressing this need from their healthcare provider, and should submit it to the Health Office.

    Applicants with prior disciplinary dismissal from another institution on their application for admission to the College will be required to follow the procedures outlined by the Admission Review Committee and Provost. Students will be notified within a week of their application of the procedures in writing to the address they provide on their application. Although every attempt will be made to review a student’s application, application materials received within 30 days of the start of classes are not guaranteed ample time to review the materials for decision. In addition to a review of the submitted application packet, applicants may be asked to come in for an interview, as a part of the Admissions Review Team’s consideration. Applicants who are accepted may or may not have conditions as part of their acceptance to the College. Failure to adhere to the conditions could result in dismissal from the College. Applicants may be denied acceptance to the College based on the Admissions Review Team’s recommendations. Applicants who have applied, but have their application reprocessed for a future term may be required to submit a new supplemental application (including required documents) if the original submission date exceeds one year. Applications will not be reviewed by the Admissions Review Team unless they are complete.