Accessibility Services and Requesting Accommodations

Accessibility Services

Corning Community College is committed to providing welcoming and inclusive living and learning environments for all students, including students with disabilities. Procedures for requesting disability-related accommodations (inside and outside the classroom) for students can be found in MyCorning; Student Resources; Academic Resources column; Accessibility Services: 

The Student Accessibility Services department supports students with disabilities by approving appropriate accommodations and facilitating equal access to campus resources.

Accommodations provide equal access to a student with a disability. They are granted on an individual basis in a collaborative process between the coordinator and the student and are designed to ensure that academic requirements do not discriminate against students with disabilities.  Accommodations and services may include:

  • Extended time for tests and quizzes
  • Testing in a distraction reduced space
  • Assistive technology such as speech-to-text  and text-to-speech software
  • Equipment loans such as Smart Pens  and digital recorders
  • Text books in alternative formats
  • Sign language interpretation

Accessibility Services is a NYS voter registration site.  All students who meet with Accessibility Services will be offered the opportunity to register to vote.

Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

  1. Self-identify and register with Accessibility Services.
  2. Inform instructors of their accommodations early in the semester.
  3. Follow correct procedures to use accommodations.
  4. Meet the same course requirements and standards as their peers who do not have disabilities.
  5.  Inform the ADA/504 Compliance Office, Accessibility Services, or instructors if something is inaccessible to them due to a disability.

Rights of Students with Disabilities

  1. Have equal access to all that Corning Community College has to offer.
  2. Receive accommodations that address the limitations of the disability while not compromising the integrity of the course.
  3. Receive approval for appropriate accommodations in a timely manner. 
  4. Expect confidentiality regarding the specifics of the disability and not be required to discuss the disability with others at the college.
  5. Informed of essential functions and course requirements and receive the same level of instruction and held to the same academic standards as all students. 

Requesting Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations are expected to take an active role in the process by following these steps:

  1. Self-identify to Accessibility Services. Please call 962-9262 email or stop by the office in Chemung Hall to schedule an appointment.
  2. Submit documentation. In order to establish eligibility, students will need to provide documentation describing the current limitations caused by a disability. Documentation should name the disability and describe how requested accommodations will address the limitations.  Documentation shared with Accessibility Services will not be shared with any other department or person at CCC.
  3. Meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator.  Students may be in person or online to discuss the nature of the disability and its effect on their participating in learning and other college activities.  This meeting may take place before documentation is submitted.  The student and coordinator will work together at this meeting to determine appropriate accommodations.
  4. Share Accommodations with Instructors:  Students with approved accommodations will be given Accommodation Letters to be shared with their instructors as they see fit.

Resolving Student Concerns with Equal Access

CCC supports all students in their right to file a complaint when they believe they have been denied equal access in the form of appropriate accommodations, modifications, auxiliary aids, or effective communication as described in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended and/or the New York State Human Rights Law.

Students are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Office of Accessibility Services.  Staff members are available to assist students in trying to resolve issues.  If a student feels that a satisfactory resolution has not been reached, the student should deliver a written complaint by email or hard copy to the ADA/504 Compliance Officer ( or A101 Administration Building in the Human Resources Office. The complaint should be filed within a reasonable time, generally two (2) weeks from the time of notification of dis/approved accommodations, and specifically describe the nature of the complaint and the reasons why the resolution is not satisfactory.

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer shall review the complaint and will conduct an independent investigation which may include interviews of parties and witnesses deemed relevant and material to the issues raised and shall make a final determination in the matter and notify all interested parties of the final decision, in writing, within two (2) weeks of receipt of the grievance.